Family & Divorce Mediation

Dr. Casey Holtz is a mediato​​r in the state of Wisconsin. Mediation is a problem solving conversation facilitated ​​​​​​​​b​​​​​​​​​y an impartial professional. He uses his professional knowledge about child development, personality and family dynamics to facilitate helpful and healthy discussions.  Dr. Holtz works with parents in a collaborative fashion to help them discover the best solution and resolution to their conflict.

Dr. Holtz will help each person communicate their ideas, explore options and resources, negotiate differences and make decisions. Research suggests individuals involved in mediation have a positive experience because they each have an opportunity to present their ideas and to have a voice, and they have a high degree of participation in making decisions. Families can use mediation as an alternative to traditional divorce. Through mediation, parents can create parenting plans for their divorce and discuss important financial decisions as they go through significant family transitions. Ideally, families leave the mediation process with improved communication and effective decision making that is focused on maintaining the health of all individuals involved.

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