Child Specialist & Divorce/Separation

Child Specialist, Divorce Coach, & Coparenting

Dr. Casey Holtz specializes in supporting families through divorce. He works as a child specialist and divorce coach in the collaborative divorce process. Dr. Holtz will also support you in working with your attorney to complete your divorce in a way that is sensitive to your child’s needs.

​The Role of the Child Specialist

As a child specialist, Dr. Holtz will:

  • Provide your child/children with an opportunity to voice concerns regarding the divorce.

  • Provide parents with information and guidance to help their children through the divorce process. This includes:​

    1. How to inform children about the divorce or separation.

    2. How to make child-focused decisions that are based on their child’s individual needs.

    Support the development of an effective parenting plan through collaboration with parents, attorneys and, if involved, divorce coaches. The family plan includes:​

  1. Custody (e.g., school decisions),
  2. Placement Schedule,
  3. Holiday Schedule,
  4. Vacation process,
  5. Communication, and
  6. How to address future issues (e.g., significant others).

The Role of the Divorce Coach

Dr. Holtz will work with the couple to:

  • Identify and prioritize the concerns of each person

  • Resolve conflict effectively

  • Develop and support effective co-parenting skills

  • Enable the family and involved professionals to enhance communication and to reduce misunderstandings

  • Keep the divorce process moving toward resolution

  • Refer the client to an appropriate professional if therapy and counseling are warranted or desired

Goal of Collaborative Divorce

The goal of the collaborative divorce is to assist the divorcing couple in achieving a successful resolution of various issues related to their marriage and family in such a way as to minimize the negative economic, social and emotional consequences that families often experience in the traditional adversarial divorce process. As the Client, you are a member of the Team.

In order to achieve this goal, professionals from several independent disciplines work together as a team to integrate the legal, emotional and financial aspects of a divorce. In addition to you and your family, your divorce coach may work with your attorneys, the financial specialist and the child specialist.

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